Thanks to Twitter, the store manager who received this note was able to track down the little girl's parents.


A British department store manager put this up on Twitter, and it started a online search effort to find this girl, named 'Faith'.   All they had to go on was a first name, a postmark from Cambridge, and what looks to be a self-portrait.  The store took to Twitter to locate her, and with the help of all of their followers, and the use of the hashtag, #findfaith, they tracked down her parents.   The store wanted to thank Faith for her honesty.   They were able to do that early yesterday morning.   One tweet even mentioned that they say the girl drop the 'Christmas Bauble.'  It was mentioned by [The Daily Mirror] that the girls parents were in touch and mentioned that no further thanks were necessary.

Isn't that the most adorable thing ever?  I would bet she just made Santa's Good Girl List.

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