Justin Bieber fans, known as 'Beliebers' come to Justin's defense days later.  This photo [Below] was posted a few days ago, after his much talked about arrest.   Along with this caption:   'What more can they say?'

Instagram/Justin Bieber

As you can see [below], even six days after this post has irritated many, comparing himself to Michael Jackson, there is a rebuttal from the beiliber 'juliapadilla'... saying, "Stay Strong Babe, Beliebers will love you and support you forever".  Read her response below.

Instagram/Bieber Fan Comments Click photo to read more

Stuff is now getting serious.  Time Magazine reported that many are attempting to revoke Justin Bieber's Green Card, and trying to obtain signatures for this petition, [Below].  Close to 200,000 signatures have already been obtained as of this publication. It was created on January 23rd.  Wow!?!?!

The petition cites him for being, dangerous, reckless, destructive, and drug abusing.  He is listed as wrongly representing the world of pop culture. Just a few days ago, he compared himself to the 'King of Pop.'  Beliebers?  Your move.

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