Minnesotans are reminded that today ( Fri. Aug 15 ) is the deadline to file for a refund

of 2012 property taxes. Homeowners and renters are encouraged to check their eligibility at the Minnesota Department of Revenue website .

Today is also the due date to file for a 2013 property tax refund. There is a one year grace period to file but the department says the sooner a return is filed, the sooner a refund can be issued.

The 2014 legislature approved a onetime increase in the amount of refunds of 2013 property taxes ( a 3% increase for homeowners and 6% for renters ). This means the average 2013 refund for homeowners is $837 and $643 for renters.



The department offers some tips for homeowners and renters:

Find out if you qualify for a property tax refund. Renters and homeowners that meet certain household income requirements may be eligible. To see if you qualify visit our website.

Update your address. Let us know if your address has changed. Filers who have moved since filing their return should contact the department immediately to update their address. This can be done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using our automated phone system at 651-296-4444 or toll free at 800-657-3676.

Direct Deposit. Direct Deposit is the fastest way to receive your refund. Filers should be sure their bank account will still be open in July, August, and September when the refunds go out.