Your kids and kids around you are as savvy as you are not savvy on smartphones. How to use 'em, I mean. Not the long-term trouble that can come from their use. "Mom, I'm too smart to get hooked by a predator." is something you might hear. And they really mean it. They've seen all the warnings and videos you've seen. Probably more, honestly.

"Scaring them" so they'll stay away from trouble only works as long as they're still scared. But let's say they use Instagram (a lot of people just say Insta)and keep it secret. They're just there for pictures, to stay in touch with friends, and follow people that make them laugh, have great makeup tutorials, or present awesome art. All kinds of people to follow that mean them no harm.

But they keep using it, and they feel safe doing it. None of the horrible things they've heard have happened, so it becomes an app their not scared to use. Sure they hide it from you, but only because you're square and don't understand. And that's where the predator has an opening. And the predators are so damn slick, they come off as a friend and not a danger. But they are a danger. Hear what Mission 21 has to say here.

What can you do?

Check their phones. Every day if you think you have to. If you aren't sure about something, take it to the Olmsted County Sheriff's Office and ask. If you're not the parent, but you know something is off...tell the parents.

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