Oh mammas.  It’s time, whether we are ready for it, or not.  That little baby of yours is starting a new chapter in their life.

These first few days of school are just full of emotions.  So many highs and lows, schedules that are jam-packed and are leaving us just exhausted by the end of the day.  Ok, let’s be real, sometimes, we are even exhausted by 7 am.

One thing that I’ve learned through the years of being a mom to three kids is this - we can never have enough advice given to us with all this parenting stuff.  I know a lot of mommas that could use some positive words right now as they are navigating this “back to school” time of year, so I rallied with some other moms and got some great tips just for you!

10 Tips For Moms During These “Back to School” Days

  1.  Just relax...and all will fall into place.
  2.  Do not over-stress yourself...it is not worth it!
  3.  Shop online and pick up in-store or drive up.  It's an amazing tool for moms that you will soon love.
  4.  Have a fun date with your child - one on one. Go shopping for the stuff, buy a new outfit, and maybe go out for ice cream or do an activity together.
  5.  Buy Kleenex for the teachers and a bottle of wine for yourself.
  6.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.
  7. Shop early to avoid chaos.
  8. Go have a mommy date with a few others on the first week of school.
  9.  Take all the “first day of school” photos of the kids but remember to take a selfie of you with the kids too!
  10.  When you feel those tears welling up, let them be there.  It’s ok and you will be ok. Who knows, those tears on your face may show another mom that you are feeling everything they are feeling...and a new friendship might start as a result of those salty eyes. 😢

Bonus tip.  Take a second and remember to thank all of those who are helping your kids all day long...the bus drivers, those helping in the crosswalks, making lunch for your child, the teachers, secretary, librarian, art, music, p.e., paras, counselors, principals...and anyone else that might be part of your child's’ day.  Some extra encouragement and thanks might be exactly what they need on these first days of school too.

And kids...if you are feeling those nerves, James Rabe and I have a few tips for you too.  I know we are older than you and maybe even "vintage", but just like every adult out there, we've been through this first day of school thing a few times.  Watch the video and use the tips if you'd like. 👍

What tips do you have for moms this time of year?  I’d love to hear them!  I might even share those on the radio this week!  Send me a message on my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio) or on Instagram.  

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