Everyone is predicting a huge snowstorm over the next few days. Hopefully, you have your groceries and are prepared to be in the house this weekend. The way it sounds, we aren't going to be able to leave our houses for much of the weekend. So here are 10 ways to survive this weekend's big snowstorm in Minnesota.


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1. Have plenty of food to keep you full all weekend. Maybe even get some junk food to enjoy while you are watching movies.



2. Make sure you have plenty of batteries for your TV remote. I have a feeling a lot of Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime are going to be watched this weekend.


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3. Number two leads to number three. Binge-watch Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. If you need to finish a series before you start a new one, this is the perfect excuse to make this happen.


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4. Pick which state you are moving to on Monday to avoid the cold and snow again! ;) Ohhh wait... I might be the only one doing this one! (Just kidding, you are stuck with me!)


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5. Reorganize your house... or if you are in my shoes, finish unpack the four boxes you haven't touched in the past seven months. A fresh new look for your house might help you forget what is going on outside.


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6. Clean your house. This is a perfect excuse to get a winter deep clean to kill all of those germs that might be sticking around. This way you don't get sick!


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7. Build a fort out of chairs, pillows, and blankets with your kids. Theoretically, this fun fort will keep the heat in so you'll stay warm and it'll be something your kiddos remember.


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9. Bring out the board games. Board games are a perfect way to get through snowy days. Especially if you play Monopoly. A game like that could last hours.


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10. Go play in the snow and embrace the cold! Growing up, my brothers and I would go build snow tunnels, igloo's, snowmen and would get into snowball fights as much as we possibly could. Afterward, mom would have hot chocolate and cookies ready for us. We would then go take hot showers to warm up. We have so many good memories of snow days.

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