I've been watching my co-workers share their snow pics and stories of the gorgeous snow day that we had on Monday.  My snow day was a bit different than theirs and I had a few special guests too.  (We also have a link below to photos many of you sent in of your snow day!)

On a very snowy Monday, I made the trek home through the unplowed roads.  I live just a tad outside of Rochester and took my time and as luck would have it, a plow was there leading the way for me.  I eventually got to my neighborhood but the plow wasn't going my way so I waved "thanks" and we took our separate paths.  Our entire neighborhood wasn't even touched at about 2pm and there was a good 8 inches on the ground.  I know my area isn't a priority and to be honest, I felt like I was a bit in charge of the roads as I made my own tracks through the fresh snow.

My kids were off building all sorts of forts and snow creations and having a great time.  There were three other "babies" that I needed to check on as well...because their home was hit hard by the snow.  Check out the video below and see who I checked on next:

The rest of my day was watching all sorts of great snow day pictures being plastered on Facebook.  I took a few minutes and sent out a request for snow day pictures and we got a few great ones that show some great snow day fun!  Check out the link below to see the album!

Want another snow day?  Show your kiddos the tips at this link!  They are all Minnesota-style and you never know..they just might work.  ;)  How to Get a Snow Day: Minnesota Style

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