In Minnesota, we take snow days very seriously.  It takes some really cold temperatures or serious weather to make a snow day even a possibility.  With the upcoming storm coming straight at us, a snow day is possible for kids all over Minnesota and these tricks might just help make that snow day a reality...well, for the kids.

  1. Brush your teeth with "special" snow day water - grab some snow from outside and melt it down on the stove into water.  Use only that water to brush your teeth before you go to bed.
  2. Wear your polar bear pj's inside out.  We don't do just regular pj's here.  We know those bears are right outside our windows as we sleep.  Since we all own flannel polar bear pj's, turn those inside out and then wave to the bear outside before you go to bed.
  3. Eat Ice Cream before bed.  Because we are in the frozen tundra, only ice cream with moose, fish, bears or some sort of "lake" reference is allowed.
  4. Only sleep on flannel sheets.  (if you have polar bear flannel sheets...extra 5 points!).  Let's be honest, the flannel was pulled out of storage in you are probably already doing this one.
  5. The "snow day" pledge.  Recite these "snow day" words coined by Jimmy Fallon's snowball song three times in less than 30 seconds as you stand outside.  If you can't make it in 30 seconds, try again. "Snow day, school is closed and I can't wait.  Go outside and I just might get into a snowball fight!"
  6. Finish all of your homework by 7 pm Yes, you read that right.  This one is strictly enforced by the snow day police.  (parents, you are welcome.  Maybe use your finger to cover this part when you show your kids.)
  7. Don't go to the grocery store.  You already know you have enough deer meat and turkey in the deep freezer or cellar...we don't need to waste our time getting more food.  All that hunting in the fall was really just to prepare our tables for these days.
  8. Check the Snow Day Calculator every 5 minutes.  This is now your favorite website (besides this one, of course).

Some of the classic snow day tips that might be worth a try are below:

  • Put a spoon under your pillow.
  • Turn your pillowcase inside out.
  • Brush your teeth with the opposite hand.
  • At bedtime, sleep with the curtains closed.
  • Put one ice cube in the toilet for every inch of snow you want to get.
  • Shake a snow globe every time you walk past one.
  • Throw ice cubes out the window.
  • Put a penny under your pillow.
  • Put a white crayon on every windowsill in your house.
  • Run around your dining room 12 times.
  • Wear a colored sock on your left foot but not on your right.
  • Do a snow dance.

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