Just a few weeks ago, Echo Church in Rochester gave away free coffee to those who were on the frontlines.  Today, it's all about the pizza...and there is A LOT of it that is being given away to anyone that works at a Rochester school.  (Pssst...if you don't work for a school, I know how you can still score some free pizza, just keep reading.)

Echo Church put a video and post out on their Facebook page this morning and asked for everyone to help spread the word to all of the staff that work in a Rochester school.

Echo Church is partnering with Pasquale’s Neighborhood Pizzeria for Dinner on Us! If you’re a teacher, administrator OR school employee sign up for a pizza and text your school employee buds.

Text ECHOJOY to 97000

Now, you may be bummed that you don't qualify for a free pizza from Pasquale's Neighborhood Pizzeria since you don't work in a school...but actually, you do!  Listen to Y-105FM during the Early Morning Show with James Rabe and me, Jessica Williams, and get the app for Y-105FM.  We will fill you in on all the details and even send you a notification on when the free pizza is being given away on Y-105FMGet the free app for the free pizza here!

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