Girl Scout cookie season is upon us, one of our favorite times of year! But if you're troubled by your astonishing appetite for the sweet treats, we’ve come up with a 12-step program to get you through the worst of it.

Apologies to Alcoholics Anonymous for corrupting their 12 steps.


  • 1


    ... you are powerless before the cookies, and eat another box.

    Girl Scouts
  • 2


    ... that Girl Scout cookies are a power greater than yourself and that they can restore you to sanity, so you eat another box.

    Girl Scouts
  • 3


    ... to show stronger willpower, but starting tomorrow, because you want to eat another box right now.

    Girl Scouts
  • 4


    After an inventory of your remaining cookie stash, buy a few more boxes.

    Girl Scouts
  • 5


    ...  that the purchase of three boxes of Lemonades was wrong; you should have gotten more S’mores.

    Girl Scouts
  • 6


    ... that the Lemonades must be removed, so eat all three boxes.

    Girl Scouts
  • 7


    Humbly ask your local Girl Scout if she has any more Thin Mints.

    Girl Scouts
  • 8


    Make a list of people you appreciate but may not acknowledge as you should, and give them each a box of Thanks-a-Lots.

    Girl Scouts
  • 9


    ... a few boxes of Caramel Delites and Peanut Butter Sandwiches to share with your co-workers. Don’t forget a box of gluten-free Trios for the health-conscious colleague down the hall.

    Girl Scouts
  • 10


    ... your inventory again, this time focusing on getting more Peanut Butter Patties and Shortbreads.

    Girl Scouts
  • 11


    ... through the haze of your sugar high, to improve your connection with your local Girl Scout Troop to ensure a steady supply of cookies.

    Girl Scouts
  • 12


    After you crash from your sugar high, rush out to purchase even more boxes, this time making sure to hide some deep in the freezer and labeled for removal in a few months. Because, if a Girl Scout cookie addiction is your biggest problem, is that so bad?

    Girl Scouts