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The best Girl Scout cookie is hands-down the Samoa.  Your taste buds may disagree, and that is why the troops sell more than one flavor of deliciousness.  However, there is one Girl Scout troop in Iowa that is out there selling cookies, crushing their sales goals, and at the same time overcoming more obstacles than most. They are homeless.

The girls in Troop 64224 of Council Bluffs, Iowa, have been putting on their sashes proudly and just sold over 5,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies.  Their goal was 1,000 boxes so that is a huge accomplishment on its own but they also beat another goal that they had written down.  Since many sales were online due to the pandemic, they were hoping to sell a box of cookies to all 50 states and they crushed that goal too.

The girls and leaders in this troop deserve a huge virtual high-five because all of these goals were crushed while the girls live at an emergency homeless shelter called Micah House.  According to CNN, the girls are between the ages of five to eight and "are not only thrilled about being Girl Scouts, but surpassing their goals is something the troop takes pride in."

They will be selling cookies for another month and if you want to help this troop bust their goals even more, you can find their info here. 

If you'd like to support the troops that are in our area, click here to learn where you can find boxes of Girl Scout cookies being sold near us.

What's your favorite Girl Scout cookie?  Let me know!  You can find my contact info here.

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