Finally, some dry and sunny days. But, will it last?

According to the National Weather Service,

Drier weather will make a welcome appearance to a very soggy region this week. Aside from scattered showers to the north on Monday and generally east Tuesday, the rest of the week favors dry conditions. Monday is going to be rather windy - gusts near 40 mph possible in the open and unsheltered areas of southeast Minnesota and northeast Iowa.

OK, sure...windy, but when isn't it windy here?

The long range forecast says it'll be sunny all the way thru Sunday, high's will be 65 to 70. Which, I think, means it will feel like fall all week! I'm pretty excited about this. Just the other day I walked thru some crinkly leaves and thought, "LEAVES!"

I really did. I love walking on dried leaves, thru the small piles that gather at the edge of sidewalks. With a chill in the air, the crunch is the perfect sound.

Speaking of leaves...I posted the CUTEST dogs playing in leaves video today.