2 of the Least Expensive Homes for Sale in Rochester, Minnesota Right Now

Affordable housing has been a hot topic for quite a few years in Rochester, Minnesota.  I've heard that some solutions are being worked on but a huge obstacle is still here - we don't have that many affordable homes for sale.  Right now, there are only 2 single-family homes for sale under $150,000.

Two Least Expensive Homes for Sale in Rochester, Minnesota

When I bought my first house in 2000, there were 2 homes on the market that I could actually afford. Yes, two homes that were about $100,000. I could either buy the one with the 50's kitchen or the one with the larger kitchen. Those were my options.

Right now in Rochester, it is a similar story for anyone looking for a house. The price is a bit higher now though and there are only 2 single-family homes under $150,000. Yes, two. And you can take a little tour of those homes right now and see what $150,000 or less can buy you.

What features did you love the most about your first house?

The first house we bought was at 1117 4th Ave. NW in Rochester and we bought it for about $100,000. It was a lot like the house above that is for sale for $149,900.

The reason why I loved this house was the floors and arched doorways.  The hardwood floors were just refinished and just screamed "cozy"!  The detached garage that could barely fit a car, yeah, that was a tight squeeze.  The insulation in the house was actually newspaper, which explains why our house was freezing and our heating bills were obnoxious.  It was a great first house though and I'm so thankful for the lender that helped us through those first home-buying steps.

What feature did you love the most in your first house?  I'd love to hear about it!  Let me know over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.

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Perfect Minnesota Home Features Brewery, Ice Rink, Pool, And Was Owned By Minnesota Twins Player

I just told my husband, "Hey, I found the perfect house for us in Minnesota.  It's all farmhouse style, which I love. It's got a brewery with 6 taps, which you would love. There is a pool, an indoor ice rink, AND it was owned by a former Minnesota Twins All-Star!" 

DREAM HOUSE: Perfect Minnesota Home Features Brewery and Ice Rink

I heard that Glen Perkins, former Minnesota Twins pitcher, sold his phenomenal home located in Lakeville, Mn a few years ago. The house is located at 24729 Dodd Boulevard in Lakeville and has 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and 5,823 square feet. At the time of the listing, you could get all of that for just $1,999,999. It truly is the perfect house for anyone in Minnesota and honestly, the price is a steal.

Take a look at the photos below and see this gorgeous home for yourself!

At the time of the listing in 2020, it was only $1,999,999.  It seemed to have a price bump to $2,500,000.  Eventually, it sold for $2,670,000.  You can see the full listing at realtor.com here.

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