It is freezing outside right now, and we still have snow on the ground from the storm that dumped on Minnesota over the weekend, but I saw something on X (or Twitter...or whatever) that gave me hope that spring was here.


Huge News About Minnesota's Oldest Dairy Queen

I've been hanging out on X a bit lately and during my scrolling and searching today, I saw something that got me a little bit excited.  Ok, VERY excited because the news is about food, which I love quite a bit.

Bucky Beeman, who is an awesome guy in the commercial real estate world, wrote "I SCREAM FOR....." and silly me, I thought he was sharing the opening date for this iconic establishment.  Nope.  Much bigger news than that.

The oldest Dairy Queen in Minnesota is on the market and ready for a new owner.

According to the info written by Realty Growth Inc., the sale of the Dairy Queen on North Broadway in Rochester, Minnesota, could involve either the property and business or just the business with a long-term lease.

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How Much Is The Oldest Dairy Queen in Minnesota?

If you have that entrepreneurial spirit and think this business venture would be perfect for you, get out your checkbook before someone else scoops this up.  According to the listing by Realty Growth Inc., the listing price for the business and land combo is $1,400,000.

When Is The Oldest Dairy Queen Planning to Open for the Season?

This is where you may want to sit down for a moment...because it isn't the news you are probably wanting to hear.  According to the info shared by Realty Growth Inc., it sounds like there is not a plan to open up this spring, which means, no Blizzards or vanilla ice cream with a curl from the oldest Dairy Queen in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Fingers crossed that a new owner writes that check soon so Rochester, Minnesota can enjoy this iconic location all summer, especially on those extremely hot days.

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