Every day I drive on North Broadway in Rochester, Minnesota and get a little bit of sadness when I would get to the DQ.  Seeing the place closed with the windows covered up and the words "See you in the spring" in mid-April had me wondering if we would ever see this spot open again.  Well, good news...it is opening!

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Dairy Queen on North Broadway in Rochester, Minnesota Announces Reopening Date

I had a feeling something good was happening at the DQ on Wednesday when I was driving home.  A light was on inside and the big white boards over the windows were off.

My hunch was right.

The note below was posted Wednesday night on the North Broadway Dairy Queen Facebook Page:

Hi, everyone! This is Chris from the D.Q. management team and we're happy to announce that we will be opening for the 2022 season tomorrow. Thanks for your patience and sorry about the wait, but tomorrow is the date! We're looking forward to seeing you soon! - North Broadway Dairy Queen Facebook Page

Looks like Thursday, April 21st, the North Broadway Dairy Queen will finally be serving cones and Blizzards again.

Vanilla sponge cake with cream and white chocolate decorate. Sliced piece of cake on white plate. Served on wooden table.
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