Another scam has hit Minnesota and this one is targeting anyone that owns a home.  With the Land of 10,000 Lakes being one of the highest homeownership states in the U.S., this scam could easily bring in extra money to the wrong people.

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CAUTION: New Real Estate Scam Has Hit Minnesota

I love having friends that keep me updated on issues that they are seeing in their field of work.  Just the other day, an e-mail popped up in my inbox from Sylvia Rogers, Realtor at Edina Realty in Rochester, with the following note:

There is a new Real Estate Scam going around. Please be aware if you get any phone calls about unpaid bills and liens on your home. The attached is what they are saying.

Stay safe everyone!


The document that was attached explained in detail the scam that happened to a homeowner.



The caller stated that her spouse had an unpaid loan from years ago and that due to the lack of payment they will be putting a lien against their home.

They provided her with a case number and phone number to call for details.  When she called the phone number they provided her with further details about this outstanding loan.

She asked her husband and he stated he never took this loan out.

She called the County Recorder and they said there is nothing of record against their real estate.

Steps You Should Take If You Think Someone Is Trying To Use This Real Estate Tax On You

Rule of thumb you should always remember is this: do not provide personal information to anyone over the phone or e-mail.  Just because you get a phone call or e-mail asking for it from someone claiming to be from XYZ does NOT mean that they are actually from the company or organization.

I asked Sylvia Rogers what her recommendation is if someone thinks that they received this scam and she said, "If you are at all suspicious or they're asking for money, call your Realtor or Lender".  Having that team by your side for issues like this is so important, so keep their numbers handy.

One additional step that you can do is sign up for the Land Notification Alert Service in Olmsted County.

Land Notification Alerts warn property owners when documents are recorded with their personal name, business name, or property ID number. Each time an alert is triggered, an email is sent to the property owner to provide an update of any activity. - Olmsted County

Find more information about the Land Notification Alerts and links to sign up at the Olmsted County website here.

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