I had one of those a-ha moments on Saturday!  It was an expensive one but it got me dreaming big.  I created our to-do list for our house projects for the summer and realized that the list was so long, it would just be a lot easier to move to a different house in Minnesota.  And the winner for me (in my dreams) is the priciest house in all of the Land of 10,000 LakesIt's gorgeous!

Check Out the Priciest House in Minnesota!

I saw the photos and I immediately fell in love.  I may have even drooled just a tad as I was looking at the photos of the priciest house in all of Minnesota.  One problem for my dream home...I'm going to need to start selling pictures of my feet to make it happen.  The price tag on this house is $13,750,000.

My heart skipped a beat for a second as I typed that number.  

Go check out the house and the photos below and you'll see why I just set up my ring camera for my feet.  But, just in case this isn't your "style",  I also included the most expensive house in every state for you to browse.  I've heard that some people prefer a place to live where your nose hairs don't freeze and believe it or not, the United States has a few other states where that is the reality.

LOOK: The priciest home for sale in every U.S. state

From vast expanses to explore in the West to "cozy" beach retreats in the East, get ready to be dazzled by the opulence of the most luxurious real estate across all 50 states. We've ranked them from the least expensive (a bargain at $3,095,000!) to the most expensive. Simply tap or click on the photo to see more of each home, or if you're feeling extravagant, book a viewing.

Gallery Credit: Stephen Lenz

Get an Inside Look at 2400 Cedar Point Dr. in Wayzata, Minnesota

Can I show you why I was drooling as I wrote this story?  The priciest home in Minnesota at 2400 Cedar Point Drive in Wazyata, Minnesota is a masterpiece.  According to my co-worker, Samm Adams, it just had a price "improvement" as well thanks to a $1,000,000 price drop.  Yes, while most of us haggle over washing machines and closing costs being added into the price, this house is dropping a million, just like that.

A Peek Inside Minnesota's Most Expensive House

This stunner just had a massive price drop in March of a million dollars. It's now listed for $13,750,000.

Gallery Credit: Samm Adams

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How To Make Your House Look Like A Million Bucks

Just in case you are now inspired to move, check out these tips that will help your house sell fast AND look better than the competition.

How to Make Your Home Look Expensive on a Budget

Here's what's making your home look "basic", and how you can level up to luxury with these simple (and cheap) updates.

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