This $20 board game is actually worth a whole lot more - a round-trip flight with JetBlue!

The airline, JetBlue released a board game earlier this month called "Get Packing!". The initial release date of the game was on December 12th and the game sold within seconds on Amazon.  They have restocked and December 18th is your next chance to get this amazing deal - but not on Amazon this time.

Here are the two ways you have a chance to grab a copy of this board game that will let you fly through the clouds:

  • Get Packing! Sweepstakes.  195 winners are going to receive a Get Packing! game through this sweepstake that starts on Monday, December 18th at 3pm ET.  (It will be open until Tuesday, December 19th.)  Go to JetBlue's website to enter for a chance to win!  The winners will receive the game, which includes a roundtrip JetBlue flight certificate inside. The customer is responsible for paying up to $140 in carrier charges and taxes.
  • Get Packing! on Charitybuzz.  Five Get Packing! games will be auctioned off on Charitybuzz.  My guess is that the price will be above $20 but this auction will be helping out Make-A-Wish®.  Make-A-Wish® creates life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses.  Go to JetBlue's website on Monday at 3pm (ET) to learn more about this auction.

The game includes the game boards, 60 packing cards, rule book, one die and a round-trip flight.  If you are actually curious on how to play the game, three to six players can play at a time and you pretend that you are going on a trip (with JetBlue, of course!).  You need to pack up your bags but will need to be careful because the other players can steal your items with wildcards.

I haven't seen any talk about the actual game itself so I can't tell if this will be a game that could be added into the prized Spiel Das Jahres list of best games, but the price is right for an airplane ride.  If you do happen to purchase one of these games, you should know that I hear your flight must be booked to travel between January and December 2018 with some blackout dates in there as well.

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