A lot of good and bad happened in 2016. And, in this case, a little bit of "No way!' happened, too. Like the time I found the rare recording Guns N' Roses made in Eyota!

The whole thing came to light because of a couple dough-heads...

Just last Saturday the story broke… according to KAAL-TV, a couple guys from Wisconsin were on their way to see Guns N’ Roses in Vegas when they stopped for…what? A rest? A quick nap? A chance to eat those Potato Ole’s they picked up along the way? Whatever it was, it looks like they didn’t get to do it. You can read the whole story HERE.

I found something in the archives big enough to blow a hole in the space time continuum!

While I was researching the story, because that’s what we do… make sure every single thing we write is as accurate as can be, I came across something that made my radio guy senses tingle. I found a piece of rock-and-roll history that I couldn’t wait to share. I found an unreleased early pre-hit version of ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ recorded in Eyota, Minnesota!

There is a LOT more to the story, including HOW this came to be.

Here's the song I found...