My mouth hung open the other day when someone visiting Rochester asked me if I eat SPAM every day.  They were looking for a few cooking tips (which I am NOT the person to come to for that!) but I didn't even know how to respond.  SPAM is made just 30 minutes from here but it is NEVER on the menu at my house.   I have tasted it but I'm pretty sure it is a myth that we all love it and eat it every day.  And, that's just one of the many myths people seem to have about the great state of Minnesota.

Myths People in Other States Believe About Minnesota

When you tell someone that lives in another state that you are from Minnesota, have you ever been asked a weird question? Like, "Can you ever get a tan there?". That is one of the many myths that seem to be rolling around in the minds of people from other states. Some of the myths below are actually just shocking.

Gallery Credit: Jessica Williams

What's missing from the Minnesota Myth list?

Is there something people have asked you about Minnesota that has left you baffled?  Maybe you've heard of another myth about the Land of 10,000 Lakes that is missing on the list above.  If so, let me know over on my Facebook Page - Jessica On The Radio - or send me an e-mail to  I'd love to add a few more to the list.

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18 annoying things that people in the Midwest are doing.

Can we take a moment and just do a little self-check on some of the annoying habits that seem to be happening in the Midwest?

I'm not sure if some of the annoying things on the list below are happening because we are all super comfy around one another or we just no longer care.  Scroll through though and if you do any of these things...maybe stop.  Mmmm K?  Thanks!

18 Annoying Things that People in the Midwest are Doing

You know those Post-it notes that you used to put up on your mirrors or around your house to remind you of different things. Well, some people in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin could use a whole pile of those to put up all over their world because they need some refreshers on a few basic things. Most are about driving but there are a few other moments in life that you'll realize annoy you too.

Gallery Credit: Jessica Williams

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