With our longtime mayor Ardell Brede choosing not to run for reelection next year, the field for the next leader of the Med City is wide open. I’m sure a few qualified candidates will eventually present themselves, but why vote for someone who knows what they're doing when we can get a candidate with pizzazz?

  1. Marcus Sherels
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Current Occupation: Cornerback / Return specialist for the Minnesota Vikings

Why He Should Run: I mean, he’s already pretty good at running. He currently ranks second in franchise history with a 10.2 career punt return average, and as of this writing has 5 career punt return touchdowns – a franchise record. He also might be a Super Bowl champion in the coming weeks. Let’s not jinx anything. Oh yeah, he also attended John Marshall High School.

Campaign Slogan: “Much Like How I Return The Football For Minnesota, I Am Returning To Rochester, Which Is A City In Minnesota. TOUCHDOWN!”

  1. Slider

Current Occupation: Official Mascot of the Rochester Honkers

Why He/She/It Should Run: There are currently no rules that a person with a baseball for a head cannot run for mayor. I hear he has very progressive views on infrastructure.

Campaign Slogan: “I Will Go To Bat For The City Of Rochester!”

  1. 2nd Street Sign Guy
Dean Riggott Photography

Current Occupation: Sign Waving Enthusiast (2nd Street Division)

Why He Should Run: Just look at that dude. He's the Real American this city needs.

Campaign Slogan: *holds up sign*

  1. Lea Thompson
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Current Occupation: Actress, Marty's Mom

Why She Should Run: She was born in Rochester. My political standards aren't very high.

Campaign Slogan: “I Will Take Rochester Back…*puts on sunglasses*…To The Future.”

What do you say we do some polling? If the election was held TODAY, who would get your vote?

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