Choosing a Halloween costume to wear can be a challenge. It can be so hard to find something that will be unique. Something that nobody else at the party will be wearing. Where can you go to come up with an original idea? How about right here?

We wanted to put together a couple ideas for costumes that would be perfect for Rochester. Ideas that only those here in the Med City can truly appreciate. Heck, some that only people here in Rochester can even understand! Here are five costume ideas that sum up Rochester. Feel free to use them. In fact, we encourage it!

Or you could always just dress up like a nurse or a doctor or some other medical personnel. But most of you do that everyday, anyway...

Got any other Halloween costume ideas that would be specific to, or have special significance to, Rochester or southeastern Minnesota? Share them with us. We'd like to hear them.

  • The Mayo Brothers

    How could we not start by suggesting dressing up as these two historical Rochester figures. The best part? You can dress up in a period-style suit OR old surgical-style gowns. And if you want, you can paint yourself a deep bronze and look just like they do in this statue...

    Get it? They're BROTHERS!
  • A Canadian Goose

    I’d bet that Rochester is one of the only places on Earth that has as many geese per capita as people! Why not celebrate Rochester’s number one bird on Halloween? If you can create wings that will actually make you fly, that's even better. Or, get a bunch of friends together and be a gaggle of geese that walks around in a V-shape at the Halloween party or while trick-or-treating!

    David Cannon/Getty Images
  • Second Street Waving Guy – Joe Johnson

    Whether he's waving his flag on Second Street near St. Mary's Hospital or just stylin' around town, Joe Johnson, Rochester's own Second Street Waving Guy, knows how to dress to impress. Grab as much cool patriotic garb as possible and get yourself in full flag-waving mode!

    Second Street Waving Guy - Joe Johnson via Facebook
  • Slider

    Okay, so it’s a giant baseball head dressed up as a member of our local baseball team. He's also a Rochester icon. With a little ingenuity and some miscellaneous Honkers apparel, you, too, can dress up like our home team's mascot. Plus, he’s got such a cool name...

  • The Corn Cob Water Tower

    It's a landmark you'll only find here in Rochester. And the corn cob water tower can make a great, truly unique costume. Why wouldn't you want dress up like a water tower that looks like a corn cob? It's like dressing up in a costume of an object in a costume, right?

    TSM Rochester