Growing up, I remember going to the store with my mom on a Saturday...sometimes specifically on a Saturday...because it was Sample Day!  In every aisle of the store, it seemed like someone was waiting for you, with a smile, wanting you to eat.  It was a kids dream!

Grocery shopping for me today is using and their grocery pickup (which is A.Maz.Ing!).  No free samples going on with that though which means that my kids aren't getting to experience these memories in their childhood.  So, I wanted to give them one great day with all this "free sample" fun!  Yep...we are driving from one place to the next and just having a fun day sampling. 😋

The best places in Rochester with FREE samples are...

  •  Costco - came in as the BEST place in Rochester to grab a few free nibbles
  •  HyVee - all locations in Rochester seem to be tempting our taste buds
  •  Sams Club - this place in NW Rochester came in 3rd
  •  Beef Jerky Outlet - this is located over by Savers and Chick-fil-A
  •  Trader Joes' - rumor is that you can ask to sample anything!

What's one thing that you loved doing as a kid that kids just aren't doing any more?  I'd love to hear it!  Send me a message on my Facebook page or DM me on Instagram.  

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