I have a VERY reliable psychic. I don't think I've ever received a bad consultation. Are you ready for the 2019 predictions? Well, here we go...

  1. Will Rochester's snowfall end by May? Don't count on it!
  2. Will Rochester FINALLY get a Chilis? Yes, Definitely! 
  3. Will Broadway be torn up and frustrate 90% of Rochester at some point this summer? All signs point to YES!
  4. Will somebody say something mildly offensive and will social media explode in OUTRAGE and then forget about it when it's announced Chili's is coming to Rochester? Outlook good!
  5. Will Mayo Clinic change their dress code and allow cargo shorts for all? My reply is NO.
  6. Will James Rabe finally get a sweetie-pie? Bahahahahahaaaaaaaa ((plop, crack, oooooze))

Well, there you have it. What else should I ask my psychic? Let me know on our Facebook page.

PS - With such brilliant answers, you are probably wondering who my psychic is. Not a person. An object. May I present, the Magic Eight Ball of Truth!

Eight ball
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