The photos are popping up on social media with the news “My daughter was asked to homecoming!”.  It is all adorable and cute and there are some big smiles on those faces...but what we aren’t seeing is the terror in the parents’ eyes.  Check out this cry for help from a mom in Rochester:

"Help! A boy asked my daughter to homecoming and I could use a bit of help in this new phase of life. What do I do next? Stalk him on social media? Meet his parents? Invite him over so I can get to know him?" - Mom in Rochester that isn't ready for her baby to grow up

I get it...your child is so excited and her heart is probably fluttering a bit every time she sees this guy in the hallway at school, but you haven’t even met him yet.  So, how do you get to know him before that Homecoming date?

I gathered some tips and advice from other parents in the area and helped this Rochester mom out.

5 Ways to “Get to Know” Your Daughter's’ Homecoming Date

  1.  Stalk him on social media.  Almost every teenager has something posted on social media.  If you aren’t tech savvy, find a friend that is and have them see what they can find.  People do this for job interviews, why not use that same public info to go on a date with your daughter.
  1.  Does he work somewhere?  Go there! Fingers crossed it is Target because you can always use a Target Run...and you can see who he is while you are using Cartwheel and saving money.  Win - Win!
  1.  Talk to the teachers.  You’ve got to know someone that works in the school...or a friend that knows someone who works there.  Bring up the kids’ name and pay close attention to the facial expressions...because, after all, there are rules regarding privacy.  
  1.  Go to all of the things at high school.  Football games. Homecoming parade. Pep fests - this one, your kid might hate you for and roll their eyes but I’m pretty sure you could enjoy this with your high schooler if you asked the school).  PTA - PPA - All of the P’s that parents can be involved in...and be there. You will run into the kid or the parents, or both, at some point.
  1.  Invite him over for a family dinner.  This doesn’t have to be fancy and probably, the less fancy the better.  Order some pizza from your favorite place (or his) and just have a relaxing time getting to know him.

Some of these might be a bit much but you get the point, right?  Get to know the kid...whoever they are...because for some reason, your daughter said the word, “yes”.  

Just an FYI - she is now going to want some money for a dress and for her hair, so be ready.

What other tips do you have?  I’d love to hear them. Send me a message on my Facebook page (click here) or DM me on Instagram (click here).

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