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The annual 60-Mile Garage Sale is coming up this weekend in southeast Minnesota and I'm really excited! I love going to garage sales and finding great deals. And the official map of all of the families participating in the 60-Mile Garage Sale has been released. The big event starts Friday and goes through Saturday.

There are garage sales all over southeast Minnesota this weekend. The towns that are featured in the 60-Mile Garage Sale are:


There's a total of 54 garage sales that are a part of the event this year. That's a ton! I know I won't be able to hit up all of them and I'd be surprised if anyone accomplishes that feat of visiting all 54 garage sales.

The Root River Trail Towns released their interactive map yesterday showing where each garage sale is located. Also, if the person hosting the garage sale submitted this information, the map tells you what you can expect to find at the garage sales, which is really nice, it makes planning out your trip a lot easier.

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I think the best strategy if you don't have a ton of time to check out garage sales, is to find the ones that are near each other or ones that say they're multifamily or neighborhood garage sales. Here are the ones I found that are listed as "multifamily" or neighborhood sales for this weekend:

301 Cedar St, Fountain
828 Oak St, Whalan
207 Parkway Avenue North, Lanesboro
205 N Church St, Preston
32867 Rush Creek Roe Road, Rushford
506 N High St, Rushford
213 N Money Creek St, Rushford
12226 County 21, Houston
725 3rd Ave SE, Harmony
335 3rd St SE, Harmony

All of the garage sales have different times that they'll be open so make sure to check the interactive map before heading out (which I'll put below). Of course, the Root River Trail Towns encourages everyone who's out, going to garage sales this weekend to stop by a local restaurant for lunch or a little snack.

Here's the interactive map for this weekend's 60-Mile Garage Sale!

And while you're out checking out garage sales this weekend, don't forget to bring these garage sale essentials with you:

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