Alright, there are a few things about me that I think are common knowledge: I love animals, I'm obsessed with the Minnesota State Fair, Halloween and Christmas are my favorite times of the year, and I live for garage saling and thrift shopping. The garage saling and thrift shopping piece of me is just dying to go to this event in September that's basically a huge thrift shop, a huge treasure hunt.

It's happening in the southern part of the cities at Canterbury Park. It's called Junk Bonanza and it's September 22-24. They've done this event in years past and I've never gone. I'm itching to go this year though since we live in a house now so there are more areas to decorate!

Harry Cunningham via Unsplash
Harry Cunningham via Unsplash

Junk Bonanza is where a whole bunch of vendors come together to sell their vintage items. There are things that have been in grandparents' basements for years that are now all spruced up and ready for a new home. I saw there are bags and purses made out of old seed bags. So many cool options! Tickets are $12 to get you in the door. You can get those in advance on their website.

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There are tons of vendors that will be at Junk Bonanza and, fun fact, I recognized one of them. It's a vintage business that my former college professor and dance instructor started! So I may need to go just to see what she has.

And if you love vintage things, keep scrolling for pictures of an adorable vintage Volkswagen camper van that you can rent!

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Rent this Adorable, Vintage 1984 Volkswagen Camper Van in Minnesota

There's a website called Outdoorsy where you can rent other people's campers. I particularly love vans-turned-campers and found an amazing, vintage Volkswagen camper van that you can rent from Minneapolis, Minnesota. But don't worry, you don't have to stay in Minneapolis, you can drive the camper van up to 140 miles per day for free with the cost to rent per night.

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