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We begin at John Marshall High School! The video includes horticulture, singing groups, lots of hallway time, and the first President Bush speaking to the school!  Can you spot yourself?

If you're not in THAT JM video, maybe you're in this one:

What was the Apache Mall like in 1993? WAY different. First of all, SUPER busy, second of all, so many stores, and finally LOOK AT THAT FOOD COURT!

1997...just a quick drive around Rochester. Some during the day, some during the night. Notice there is no Peace Plaza...what else is missing?

It was 1966 and according to the Facebook post, the photographer was in town for IBM and stayed at the Kahler Hotel. That's when he shot this video.

And one more...do you remember this bad mamajamma?

If you're upset there's no old Mayo or Lourdes High School stuff, please, point me toward the videos. I could only find this one from Mayo in 1994.

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And speaking of going back in time, you'll love these...

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