Tomorrow is National Fast Food Day. I'm a girl on the go with kids running from one activity to the next so I totally get the need for something quick and easy. I'm sure many will celebrate this low prep meal holiday inadvertently, but while "fast food" has gotten a bit of a bad rap for being unhealthy, I'm here to tell you there are PLENTY of options for a quick, healthy meal!
Here are my top 7 picks for places to get a HEALTHY meal in Rochester!

This tasty chicken treat is wrapped with flax seed flatbread which will help fill you. Swap the fries for a fruit cup and you've got a healthy treat.
Total Calories: 350
The chicken is seasoned so it comes with flavor already. Just leave the mayo off and you can pack 26 grams of protein and choose the salad to give the meal more veggies.
Total Calories: 360
Make it an unwhich and reduce your sodium content. Pack on the veggies and enjoy!
Total Calories: 225
The Roast Beef is lean and piled high! Pack the nutrition by leaving of the sauce and ask for extra veggies.
Total Calories: 240
Yup, you can still splurge on your favorites. This burger is the right size, and pickles, onions, mustard or BBQ to add flavor
Total Calories: 300
It's a delicious treat of fruit and nuts with only 340 calories. Go halfsies (it is pretty big) and get under 200!
Total Calories: 340
Focus on protein and veggies and all the salsa you want (I usually do 2 kinds!) Skip the cheese and guac and you can fill up on this bowl!
Total Calories 330 (with pinto beans)

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