You've heard of pub crawls but did you know Minnesota also has a chocolate tour?  Yes, we have a lot of great craft beer creations in our state but we also have some amazing chocolate shops that you really should check out.  To me, a drive to see all of these in a day sounds like the perfect road trip! put together a list of 6 chocolate shops to visit in Minnesota and have labeled this as the "sweetest road trip" you will ever take.  They are pretty sweet but they didn't add any from our area so I'll tack on a few extras.  We will just call this new list the Extra Sweet Road Trip in Minnesota.

Extra Sweet Road Trip in Southeast Minnesota

Just Truffles in St. Paul - If you love truffles, you will love this shop.  This is located in St. Paul, MN and they create by hand 35 flavors of chocolate truffles.  Every single one has a ganache center that has more chocolate around it.

Chocolat Celeste in St. Paul - you know that saying about moms sitting on the couch eating bonbons?  Well, this is where you buy those.  Apparently these are pretty good because they have claimed quite a few awards.  The creators also make truffles and other beautiful chocolates for special occasions, even for those fun football parties you might be having.

Knoke's Chocolates and Nuts in St. Paul - This place originally started in Hudson, Wisconsin but ventured over to the land of 10,000 lakes just a few years ago.  And what is inside is a little piece of heaven...if you love candy and chocolates.  The store is adorable and the chocolates and caramel apples they show on their Facebook page look almost too good to eat.

Barbara Ann's Fudge Shoppe in Stillwater - they already got me at the word "fudge", but there are turtles, truffles, and other chocolate creations that are making me want to drive to Stillwater right now.

St. Croix Chocolate Co. in the marine on St. Croix - so the sign on the building says "chocolate & wine" which is true, but you could add pizza to that too.  Yep, this adorable shop has it all.  The chocolates look almost too fancy to eat but you really should eat them...that is why they make them.  The wood-fired pizza is a sometimes food at this shop, but they make those announcements so you know when to show up for that added menu item.

Daniela's Chocolates in Forest Lake - truffles, gelato, sorbet, caramels...and that is just the start of the chocolate goodness in Forest Lake.  The hot chocolate seems to be a favorite by many who've tasted it too.

Chocolaterie Stam in Rochester - You may have noticed their stand at Thursday's Downtown but they've also got a place inside the Galleria.  Gelato, caramels, and just a delicious selection of chocolates that you can pick up as you walk through downtown Rochester.

Chocolate Shoppe in Mantorville - They've been making hand-dipped chocolates since 1976, so yeah, they know a thing or two about chocolates.  They've got a huge selection of candies, including light and dark chocolate, sugar-free, gluten-free, and they even have ice cream!

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