Everyone in Minnesota eats a mixture of food and we all consume different types of drinks.  But, some of our choices may leave a little funk in our pee, and some are way worse than others.  Is that TMI?  If you think so, now might be a good time to just stop reading.  If you are curious which foods besides the well-known asparagus cause your urine to smell, I've got the info you've been dying to know below.

9 Foods or Drinks that Could Make Your Pee Smell

I'm a huge fan of asparagus! I love it and am basically the only one in our house that devours the green veggie. But whenever I make it my family loves to say, "it's going to make your pee smell.". Ok, it does for some people but I decided I wanted to figure out what foods they eat where I could say the same thing back to them. So, I did a little Google searching and found out there are quite a few foods and drinks that make your urine have a bad or change in smell. Thanks to Google, Wikipedia, and a site called wellandgood.com, I found a whole bunch!
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Who knew you could have a little science lesson right here on a radio station website?!

Ok, I actually got a D- twice in Advanced Chem at Iowa State University as I was working on a molecular biology major.  I quickly learned that science was NOT what I'm best at but I do think this is very interesting.  Quite a few of these items on the list that make your pee smell are things I will NOT be trying but I do love asparagus!

Where can you go in town for some really good pee-smelling food?

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