How many of you ladies dream of finding your prince one day?   This woman really did, and its a really neat story!   There is a couple in Canada that met 75 years ago when they were in first grade.   They had to be in a production of Sleeping Beauty in third grade, and the boy was supposed to give her a fake kiss.   Well, you guessed it, he gave her a real kiss, and scared the little girl. It was his first kiss.  Carol played Sleeping Beauty, and George was cast as the Prince.  Years went by, and they remained friends, but nothing more.  George moved away and married.  Georges wife passed away recently, so he went back to see if he could find Carol.   They are both 83 years old now, and they were married just this past saturday!  George Raynes and Carol Harris grew up together in New Brunswick, Canada.  Thats such a cute story, and its nice they can be happy at 83!


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