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Go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back, Minnesota. Because a well-known food critic has called this Minnesota food the best in America!

Living here in Minnesota, we're used to being ranked near the top of several national lists, right? Our health care, education, and general quality of life are all routinely top-ranked here in the North Star State.

Heck, here in Rochester, we're even at the top of the list of some of the coldest cities in the country. But did you know a noted food critic from Chicago wrote a review of this classic Minnesota food and said it may be the best in America?

So which Minnesota food is it? (Nope, it's not lutefisk.) Instead, try the Juicy Lucy!

That's right, the always-impressive burger with the cheese already inside the hamburger patty, known here in the Bold North as the Juicy Lucy, has been singled out by well-known Chicago Tribune food critic, Louisa Chu.

Specifically, in her Ode To The Juicy Lucy published in 2022, Chu said the Jucy Lucy 'may be the best cheeseburger in America' in a new review. She tried the Jucy Lucy at the two places in Minneapolis that each claim to have invented the classic burger 70 years ago.

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Though you can get a Juicy Lucy at many bars and restaurants across the Land of 10,000 Lakes today, both Matt's Bar and the 5-8 Club in Minneapolis, in Minneapolis lay claim to and say they invented the famous burger.

Matt's Bar even has the story behind the burger's famous name: "As the story goes, the famous Juicy Lucy was created after a local customer exclaimed 'that’s one juicy Lucy!' after biting into a custom hamburger with two hamburger patties and a slice of cheese in the middle," the site said.

Of course, Chu's favorable review is only the latest accolade for this genuine Minnesota classic. As BringMeTheNews notes, it's already been singled out by President Barack Obama, the Today Show's Al Roker as well.

And while the Juicy Lucy makes the list, it's not the only food for which our fine state is known, right? Keep scrolling to check out some other delicacies you'll only find here in Minnesota.

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