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Friday is National Cheeseburger Day and if you love cheeseburgers then your dream job awaits! Get paid to eat cheeseburgers! The Catch: You have to leave Minnesota to make the money.

There's a website called BonusFinder, a casino review portal, and they're willing willing to fork over $500 for a "professional cheeseburger tester (PCBT)". What'll be expected of you, the PCBT? You travel the United States to find the best cheeseburger.

I did something similar on vacation in Michigan (found the best cheeseburger, too!), but I didn't get paid for it! Don't be me! Get paid a wad o'cash from the same folks that brought you ice cream tasters.

Having already sourced a professional ice cream tester to find the best frozen desert in the USA, we're celebrating National Cheeseburger Day by offering $500 to find a professional cheeseburger tester 🍔 Yes, we will be paying out $500 for a lover of all things cheese and burgers to find the best cheeseburger in the States.

Click here to apply (by September 29th!), which includes you handing over some personal information (maybe the most personal being why you think you'd be the ultimate PCBT). You must be at least 21-years-old and live in the United States or Canada. They'll announce the winner October 8th. If that's you, you'll have to get used to tasting CB's and judging 'em on these points.

  • Patty texture
  • Patty seasoning
  • Bun softness
  • Bun taste
  • Complexity of flavors used
  • Relish and/or sauce taste
  • Cheese flavor and creaminess
  • Value for money
  • Quality of the ingredients

Don't want to try for this highly prestigious job but DO want to eat cheeseburgers? Then check out these places and remember to ask for cheese.

1. Newt's - From basic burger to juicy lLucy to a burger with peanut butter on top and everything in between. You can't go wrong with a Newt's burger! Plus, they have awesome fries AND free popcorn. Some say the Rochester Downtown location is the best.

Google Maps
Google Maps

2. Hot Chip Burger Bar - I just had my first Hot Chip burger yesterday and oh my lanta! It was scrumptious. I had a pork burger topped with their incredibly tasty pickles and onions. Pair it with their sweet potato tots - you'll thank me later.

3. The Half Barrel -  I've had a lot of great food at the Half Barrel, but must admit, I haven't tried a burger there. Let the reviews do the talking: one person said, their burgers are perfectly cooked, full of flavor and dripping with juice. Another says, go for the ghost pepper burger, it's the best!


4. Snappy Stop - If you're in a hurry, swing through the Snappy Stop drive-thru. According to the reviews, "it definitely takes the cake as best fast food burger in town."

5. Forager Brewery - So much good food, so little time. Sadly, I have not tasted one of these spectacular looking burgers. I'm literally drooling looking at the pictures of their burgers on Yelp. It would be a great day to sit on the patio and have a burger and beer at Forager.

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