Alec Baldwin is a brilliant, versatile actor. Is this the best direction for him to take, though?

Getty Images for UNDP

I've always wished he's been able to make the sequels to The Hunt For Red October. I like Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck and Chris Pine, but to me, Alec Baldwin will always be the Jack Ryan.

He's a brilliant dramatic actor; an outrageously funny comedian and spokesperson, a passionate activist - but also a very volatile human being! He's been kinda scary sometimes. I remember reading an essay he wrote a few years ago when he was turning his back on celebrity and retiring to a more quiet private life away from prying cameras.

Now, he's going to be adding Game Show Host to his resume!

ABC is launching "Sunday Fun & Games Night" June 26th, with Steve Harvey hosting Celebrity Family Feud. Michael Strahan will host a new version of the $100,000 Pyramid.

Alec Baldwin will host a new, updated version of Match Game. It's supposed to run for ten episodes over the summer. A pair of contestants compete to match correct answers with a panel of six celebrities.

This could be genius, like casting Baldwin on 30 Rock was.

If you're not familiar with how outrageously funny Match Game can be, check this out.