The inspiration for Lorde's song 'Royals' came from the Kansas City Royals.  Specifically a photo that was featured on the cover of a National Geographic Magazine from the early 70's.   Lorde may not have even been born at that time, but when she saw the word 'Royals', it sparked something inside her creative mind.   George Brett sent her a jersey even!  She posted this photo online of the gift she received from the very man who inspired her signature breakthrough song!  He signed inside the '5', "You Are Royal To Me!".   If you'd like to see the very photo of him autographing baseballs in the '70's that is behind this huge hit for her, click here to visit the National Geographic site.  July of 1976.

In other Lorde happenin's ... she is going to be featured as a Mac Lipstick gal, with her own cosmetics line.  She claims to have been using Mac Cosmetics for a few years now, since the age of 14.  The 'MAC X Lorde' collection is supposed to arrive on June 5th. MAC Lorde is offering a chance to be the first to get your lips on it with a text messaging contest. Click the image [Below] To visit MAC's Lorde page.

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