He started working out because he couldn't get his chores done...he'd start, but get tired out, sore, and have to take a break. It worked for him and for his trouble, 91-year-odl Lloyd Black, in Semmes, Alabama, was named Member of the Month at his Anytime Fitness!

According to AL.com,

When he started, he could only spend about 10 minutes walking on the treadmill. Over the past year, he has gradually increased to 30 minutes. He also does leg presses and works out on some of the upper-body machines. As a result, his strength and balance are better, and he says he can walk farther and more confidently.

This isn't a revelation, right? It's something you and I have heard over and over. Moving around is good for your body, mind, and soul. The tough part is doing it. Mr King did it, and in doing it, brings humor and charm to those around him at the fitness center.

He and his wife live on seven acres, where he mows and weeds his own lawn and has two hobbies right now; photography and wood working. But why the overalls?

A retired school principal and US Air Force veteran, "...he really does wear those overalls to work out, for a practical reason. “I don’t have any hips, and I can’t keep my pants up!” He busts out laughing." (al.com)

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