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To all of you who love hanging out on Twitter, congratulations!  You just helped prove to the world that Minnesota loves coffee...like, a lot!

This past month, all of the tweets that had hashtags related to coffee or about popular coffee shops were being analyzed and tracked to see which state loved coffee the most. The data was collected and according to thedaringkitchen.com, the top 10 coffee-loving states were:

Top 10 States That Love Coffee According to Twitter

Shocked, surprised, amazed...my mouth is literally hanging wide open that our great state of Minnesota took the winning spot.  But, anyone and everyone that tweeted #coffeetime, #coffeebreak, #bestcoffeever, #Starbucks, #INeedCoffee, or anything with the word coffee in it, thank you for making our state the best.

Credit: thedaringkitchen.com
Credit: thedaringkitchen.com

What's your favorite coffee shop in town?  Let me know on Facebook, Instagrame-mail...there are so many ways to find me.  Personally, my favorite is a light roast with half & half and some Sugar-Free Caramel Macchiato.  Yummy!

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Speaking of coffee, I hear that Caribou has a spot picked out for their newest shop in Rochester.  Read about the newest shop and get a glimpse at what the coffee shop will look like here.

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