Last night a kid kept telling me the same knock knock joke. But he kept coming in to late with the punch line which made it absolutely adorable every. Single. Time.

Every Thursday I host trivia at HyVee Crossroads Market Grill, and every week I have a blast talking to everyone. And since people bring their kids to eat, one round is always designed for kids.

This young guy is from Team: The Darjeeling Express and a few weeks ago we laughed about something or other, and so I was glad to see him back. He's full of life, and smiles, and last night, knock knock jokes.

Well, one knock knock joke specifically.

And here let's take a break from the story to think about knock-knock jokes. According to Wiki this was an early variation of the joke...

A variation of the format in the form of a children's game was described in 1929.[2] In the game of Buff, a child with a stick thumps it on the ground, and the dialogue ensues:

Knock, knock!
--Who's there?
--What says Buff?
Buff says Buff to all his men, And I say Buff to you again.

That came out around the time of The Depression, so maybe they couldn't afford funny?


OK, back to the story.

He was full of one joke specifically, the Impatient Cow knock knock joke. For a kid, this is a pretty important joke because it teaches kids timing. Say the MOO too late, and the joke just isn't funny,

Unless you're this one particular boy.

He told it perfectly the first time, then, after...wrong every time. And it got funnier and funnier (so maybe we were rewarding poor joke telling, but please forgive us, it was so dang funny).

In 12 seconds, I am certain you will be laughing out loud.

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