St. Paul, MN (KROC-AM News) - The Minnesota Health Department's annual report on so-called Adverse Events shows the two Mayo Clinic hospitals in Rochester reported a total of 39 incidents between October 2016 and last October.

3 of the adverse events resulted in deaths. One was the result of a fall while the other 2 fatalities were caused by intravascular air embolisms, which involves the introduction of air or other gas bubbles into the bloodstream.


The Mayo Clinic Hospitals also reported 13 serious injuries resulting from adverse events. 9 involved falls, 2 were due to medication errors and 2 were blamed on the retention of foreign objects after surgery or other procedure.

The most common adverse event reported by the Rochester facilities was falls followed by pressure ulcers with 10 falls and 8 serious pressure sores. Mayo also reported 6 events involving foreign objects left in patients and 6 incidents when the wrong surgery or other invasive procedure was performed.

The Olmsted Medical Center Hospital reported three adverse events. One was a medication error that resulted in serious injury, while the two others involved the irretrievable loss of irreplaceable medical specimens.

Statewide, the health department received 341 reports of adverse events from hospitals, surgical centers, and the behavior health hospitals. Officials say that number has been slowly increasing over the last 4 years

“The recent rise in adverse events it concerning,” said Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm. “Minnesota can and must do better to protect vulnerable patients. We will continue to work with our partners to improve patient safety and the quality of care.”

The adverse events reported during the 12 month period that ended last October resulted in a dozen deaths throughout Minnesota and 103 serious injuries. 5 of the deaths were the result of falls, 2 were caused by air embolisms, another 2 involved newborn children, and there were one each from suicide, a medication error, and childbirth complications.

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