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Ticks are disgusting and evil. They're also a reality we have to face head-on with a spring in our step and a bottle of bug-spray in our hands. PLUS, something new that's the miracle we've all prayed for to get the ticks off us and our dogs and cats.

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It's especially important this year because, as Jessica Williams wrote at the beginning of this month, the ticks are going to be extra thirsty this year...

Put the perfume away for a few months because bug spray is now your scent.  Ticks are currently moving around and active in Minnesota and some cases of Lyme Disease have already been reported in the Rochester area.  Unfortunately, our tick level activity for 2021 is some of the worst in the entire country.  According to, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, and a few other states all have all been classified as 'above average threat level'. (Keep reading about Minnesota's Tick Threat Level HERE.)

If you find one on yourself, you HAVE to evict it, which is not as easy as just pulling it off. What we need is a device to make it super simple AND keep the tick from biting you.

I present, the Duluth Trading Company Tick Remover.

James Rabe

The flip side...

James Rabe

For under $10.00 you can own what three reviewers online say is the real deal. Their pets didn't even notice they were removing the tick. Three reviews is actually kinda sad, would have thought there would be a lot more on their website, BUT... my sister says she's excited to use it and that's good enough for me to pass along to you.

James Rabe

You can buy the DTC Tick Remover online (click the photo below) or at their outlet store, in Red Wing.

Duluth Trading - Click for link to item.

OR, you can save some cash and get the Tick Tornado from Petco (click the photo below). - Tap for link to product.

On looks I think the Duluth Trading Company wins, but on name, the Tick Tornado? C'mon. That's a solid name. Unless you imagine a literal tornado of ticks. That's pretty ick.

OR, for free you can do what this guy does. Make circles...

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