Last year was my first time walking on this huge, frozen lake in Iowa and seeing hundreds of kites flying in the air.  I was completely terrified to go (I'll tell you why below) but now, I absolutely, positively, recommend you take this short drive with your family and friends for this experience, because it is just amazing.

Color of the Wind Kite Festival is once again happening in Clear Lake, Iowa on Saturday, February 15th from 11 am until 4 pm!  Basically, it is a bunch of color that fills up the sky and hundreds of people walk on a frozen lake to watch kites that are up in the air.  (They have tested the lake and even with the warmer temps, it is safe to walk on!)  Check out their website for all the info:  Color of the Wind Kite Festival Website

So, why was I petrified to go?  It might seem silly but I have a fear of kites and I actually went to Color of the Wind Kite Festival to work on overcoming that fear.

I was fully prepared to have a full-on panic attack while on the lake.  I've reacted when there was just a single kite in the sky so throw in a few hundred and I really had no idea what was going to happen.  I even let the people that were with me know that they may just have to carry me off the lake or at least hold my hand.  #truestory

You can read what happened next here and all about the A-Ha moments that actually took place as we were walking closer to the kites...and my heart was starting to beat faster and I thought I was going to die.

Here's a Tip:  If you do plan on going to the Color of the Wind Kite Festival, avoid the shuttle that is at the high school.  The line is incredibly long and there are tons of side streets where you can park that are close to the lake.  Just look for the kites in the air and then find a spot.

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