I truly love it when I get a message that says, "Hey Jessica, can you come and speak at our group?".  This time, that note came from a group called American Heritage Girls.

I've known American Heritage Girls, or AHG as we like to call it, for quite a bit.  My daughter is in her final year but has been going through this program since about 2nd or 3rd grade.  I have sewn on a lot of badges, gone camping with her, led projects that involved serving the community, and have baked quite a few snacks throughout the years too.  It's pretty amazing to watch these girls grow up, learn so many new skills, and build friendships throughout the years.  My daughter has even gone backpacking at Isle Royale National Park with AHG.

The AHG girls were going to be out camping at Woodland Camp in Southeast Minnesota and while they are out camping, they work on different badges and skills.  This time, one of the badges was called "Let's Talk" and had a part about radio.

I will be the first to admit, I am a newbie in this world.  How my voice gets to your ears...well, that is just one of the many questions that I don't truly know the answer to.  I do know that there are some amazing individuals that make that happen and also help put all the pieces in place to help me do my job.  I also know this job is fun...busy...but very fun, and having an opportunity to show someone a bit of that world is exciting and truly my pleasure.  Plus, I am speaking in a microphone all day so seeing real people is just fun for me too!

With the help of some of my co-workers, we took some video and showed off the studio so the girls could see what that looks like too.  Of course, they are always welcome to tour it in person but...they were camping so bringing the studio to them was about as good as I could do.  Hopefully, all of the words I shared and info from my co-workers helped them successfully get that "Let's Talk" badge that they were working on that day.

While I was there, the girls had a special message for two individuals in the group, Mr. Bird and Joyce.  In case you missed it during my show on Y105FM, I've got it for you to listen to below.

Thanks, AHG, for inviting me out to camp!

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