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Living in Minnesota, we know that our winters can be downright cold and full of lots of snow and ice.  If we actually get this new type of precipitation though, I know I will be moving to a new state.

According to KTTC and their post on Facebook, "light snow and freezing drizzle may create some travel problems for this morning.  Look for less than an inch of snow with a glaze of lice in spots.  Gusty and colder this afternoon."

Yes, you read that right. LICE. 

KTTC Weather Authority Post about lice - Credit: Connie Huddleston Hengel

I'm thinking this was a typo, or at least I'm really hoping it is, because I have no idea how to dress for lice.  Polar Vortex...sure.  Lice...no.  No matter what type of weather we are getting, I'm just glad my friend Connie was able to screenshot this new type of weather for all of us.

I've heard we are going to have a roller coaster of weather this winter, so I guess it is time to load the freezer up with some tator tot hot dishes.  What is your favorite Minnesota comfort food?  I'd love to know!  Just send me a message on my Facebook page - Jessica on the Radio, or DM me on Instagram.

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