It was back at the end of May / beginning of June we first met Louie Schneider. He'd just been named an honorary police officer in the Rochester Police Department...

It wasn't the gifts or honors; it was the people that blew me away. It was the fact that we are strangers to this community and in that moment they were wrapping us up in their arms and saying we are here for you. (Louie's Mom)

You can read the whole story here.

Yesterday, the Rochester Police Department ran into Officer Louie at Thursday's Downtown...looks like a good day!

RPD, you are the real deal. Thank you.

How's Louie? From his Caring Bridge page, a few quotes to pass along...

Today we were told that any diagnosis would really be made up because there will likely never be an exact understanding as to what is causing his symptoms...or how to fix it.

Today Louie is alive.
Today Louie kissed his siblings and laughed with them.
Today Louie snuggled with friends and prayed for a man in the elevator.
Today brought a glimmer of hope.

Today we go to bed thanking God for a doctor willing to think outside of the box and try something to help Louie's body.
Today Louie carried no worry or fear about what is to come.
Today we made the most of what we had and lived it without regret.
Today God's presence brought peace to every moment.

Louie Schneider, Rochester is praying for you. Sending positive thoughts your way. Wrapping you in a huge virtual hug.

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