Do something good for the community and get free beer!  It's a real thing and is happening at a local brewery in Rochester...again!

Back in May, Little Thistle Brewing shared the news that they adopted a 7-mile stretch of the Douglas Trail and were looking for a few people to help clean the trail up.  In return for doing some good, they would get free beer.  Spots to help were limited and they filled up super fast but they just announced another chance to help on their Facebook page.

Thistle Do Gooders is back for it's second hike on the Douglas Trail this Saturday, June 27th!

We have adopted a 7-mile stretch of the Douglas Trail - from 7th Street NW (bridge near Casey's) to the 75th Stree trail-head and are seeking a group of 30 folks to assist us in making sure the trail is free of litter and debris. We'll meet outside the brewery at 9AM to pick-up trash bags and head out to the trail. All social distancing guidelines and mask recommendations will be respected at the brewery and on the trail.

We'll celebrate with a couple of free pints on our patio after the hike!

Get signed up at this link while spots are still open.

To everyone going out and helping clean up that 7-mile area, thank you!  And big thanks to Little Thistle Brewing for seeing the need and organizing this for our community.

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