In the Subway, there are two Caroll's shops...Carroll's Corn, with popcorn people would literally crawl over broken glass to get to. And then there's Carroll's Cup. People aren't crawling over glass that much anymore, so it's going to close up at the end of November.

I wanna be clear here. Carroll's Corn, open. Carroll's Cup, open, but closing soon.

There used to be a Carroll's Cup in the Apache Mall, but back in 2015 it closed up.THe Carroll's Cup in the Subway kept on going, and even extended hours. But now, the trend isn't as strong, and so Carroll's Cup will turn into a place to handle Carroll's Corn holiday orders (according to Jeff Kiger at the Rochester PB).

Entrance to Subway from Mayo Building - Photo by Rabe
Entrance to Subway from Mayo Building - Photo by Rabe

What about other froyo shops in Rochester? According to Yelp, the top two shops in Rochester, MN are...

  • Cherryberry - 123 16th Avenue SW
  • Carroll's Cup - Kahler Pedestrian Subway Shops

Looks like Cherryberry is going to be sitting otu there alone. Sure, there are a few other places to get frozen yogurt (or frozen custart...i'm talkin' about you Culvers), but stand up Fro Yo shops? Not so much.

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