Is there anything cuter than a baby animal?  If you are hesitating with that answer, I'll provide it for is "no", there is nothing cuter than a baby animal.  Well, with one exception - snakes.  I don't care what size or age they are, snakes are not cute.  If you missed the huge news, one of the cutest baby animals just arrived in Minnesota at Como Park Zoo & Conservatory!

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JUST ARRIVED! New Adorable Baby Nyala Calf Born at Como Park Zoo & Conservatory

Exciting news hit social media on Tuesday, January 16th in the form of a birth announcement!  Como Park Zoo & Conservatory shared with the public that its first Nyala calf had been born.


The new calf was born on Saturday, January 6th, and weighed in at 8.1 pounds.  Mom, Stevie, is doing well and is already getting quite a few photographs with the new little one and dad, Stanley, as visitors enjoy seeing the brand-new family.

Como Zoo is thrilled to announce the birth of its very first Nyala calf, born Saturday, January 6th to mom, Stevie. The yet-to-be named, 8.1 pound female calf was standing within thirty five minutes and is now taking-in the oohs and aahs of Como visitors with mom, and dad Stanley, by her side.

- Como Park Zoo & Conservatory Facebook Page


Can You See The New Nyala Calf At Como Park Zoo & Conservatory in Minnesota?

According to the Facebook post, visitors can see the newest addition to Como Zoo.  If you snap any photos, we'd love to see them too!

Check Out This Video Of A New Nyala Calf Just After It Was Born

About four years ago, a Nyala calf that was just born at the Wellington Zoo in New Zealand was caught on video.  Check it out below.  A few visitors were on site and had an opportunity to witness this rare miracle too.

Learn More about Como Park Zoo and Conservatory in Minnesota

If you've never had a chance to visit Como in Minnesota, you MUST add this to your bucket list.  This is a great, affordable place for anyone to visit in Minnesota and there are so many amazing animals that you get to see and learn about.

Get directions and learn more about hours and all of the animals and fun waiting for you at Como Park Zoo and Conservatory at their website here.

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