A horrible smell showed up in Minnesota the last few days.  Thankfully, it didn't reach the nostrils of everyone, but from those who experienced it first-hand, it was VERY pungent and had the smell of rotting garbage.

Why Does It Smell Like Rotting Garbage in Minnesota?

Our landfills are not full, and our sewage treatment plants are not malfunctioning...as far as I know. There is a nasty smell though that hit Minnesota that some say is similar to rotting garbage, rotting fish, sweaty socks, and Limburger cheese.


People Stood In Line for Hours in Minnesota Just To Smell This Horrid Stench

I have a bit of a gag reflex so I try to stay as far away as possible from smells that might make me hurl.  Example: Statue of Liberty...not sure I can ever go there again on a hot, summer day.

There is also one spot that I would have loved to visit the past few days but the smell would have made me barf in a trash can.  Then, someone would have caught that moment of me on video, posted it to TikTok and I would never show my face in public again.

In case you missed it (or didn't smell it), the stench that people were talking about was coming from one spot in Minnesota, Como Park Zoo & Conservatory in St. Paul, Minnesota.  The reason was a plant named Horace.

Photo by Gabrielle Hensch on Unsplash
Photo by Gabrielle Hensch on Unsplash

"🚨🌸 Breaking News! We’ve finally caught our first whiff of Horace the Corpse Flower! It’s not rotting flesh meets overripe cheese just yet, but we’re getting close!"

- Como Park Zoo & Conservatory Facebook Page


The Bad Smell Is Disappearing in Minnesota

According to the latest update from Como Park Zoo & Conservatory, Horace was still on display Friday, Mary 24th, and the bad smell and primary bloom have ended.  He is now going to go rest for a few years until we have a chance to see him bloom again.

Check Out The Video of Horace the Corpse Flower Blooming in Minnesota

Learn more about the lifecycle and details of the corpse flower here.

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