I can't imagine a summer without baseball.  The sad news was shared with families that the baseball season for many 4th and 5th graders throughout Rochester might be canceled.  A final plea for volunteer coaches has been made and some of the youngest in our community need your help.

If your child is at St. Francis, Holy Spirit, Bamber, Folwell, Jefferson, Hoover, Gibbs, Bishop, Elton Hills, Pinewood, YOUR TEAM HAS NO COACH. YOUR SEASON WILL NOT START ON TIME. It is critical to have volunteers to head coach, individually or as a duo/combo, our 7 remaining minors teams.

If a person or people do not volunteer, there will be NO MINORS SEASON. This is serious. Your kids want to play. Don't deny them the opportunity. - Rochester Youth Baseball Association

My youngest has played for several years with Rochester Youth Baseball Association (RYBA), and he truly looks forward to playing ball every summer.  As a parent, I enjoy it too.  It might be hot out at times and sometimes there is a bit of rain, but baseball nights are some of the most magical for our community.  Parks are active with families and kids playing on the playground, the sound of the bat cracking as it hits the ball and the parents cheering...these are all just some of the fun moments.

What is more magical though is what happens on that field.  Throughout the season, the kids not only learn how to hit and play ball better...they learn how to be a team that trusts one another, laughs together and learns good sportsmanship among those that are sitting on their bench and also at the other dugout.  Some of the lessons happen because of the game but most of that is because of the coaches.

We are missing several coaches to make those magical moments happen for these teams of 4th and 5th graders.  It might seem like a big task but RYBA does an excellent job of making sure that the coaches are prepared and ready to help the kids that are anxiously waiting for baseball season.  Friends, family members, a group of people...the kids need you this season and this volunteer opportunity will be one that might make an impact on your own life too.  Trust me...those kids are amazingly adorable!  Their smiles and sweat will grow on ya.  ;)

The magic is waiting at those fields...we just need enough coaches to volunteer to see it happen.

Can you help?  Learn more about RYBA at their website, give Dave a call at 507-993-1007, or e-mail Dave at this link.

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